Concrete floating platform
for wind turbines

New concept of monolithic floating SPAR buoy

Monolithic concrete structure

New concept of a monolithic floating SPAR buoy: the monolithic concrete structure includes both the tower and the floater, built in a continuous single piece.

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Easy construction and installation

Easiest concept to build, because its geometry is very simple and allows the use of simple formworks. Reinforcements can be added in an efficient way if compared with other solutions with abrupt geometry shapes.

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Significant cost reduction

Cost comparison between steel and concrete equivalent platform designs has been performed, obtaining a material cost reduction larger than 60% in the case of the concrete design.

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  • Concept and UPC Patent

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  • KIC InnoEnergy AFOSP, Proof of Concept

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  • Dissemination of the concept

  • Concept Upgrade to 10 & 15 MW

  • Prototype development