Construction & Installation


  • In a dry dock or similar (minimum: length 250m, width 25m, draft 6.5m).
  • Direct launch to the sea.
  • Built in horizontal position.
  • Built using a slipform > no joints > durability.

Sea launching and towing

Two ways for launching:

  1. Dry dock: flotation of the structure
  2. No dry dock: sliding guides or wheel skates

Towing to the installation zone with simple towing ship.


The structure is flooded in a controlled way.

Turbine installation

90% of the structure submerged, top of the tower below 20m height above MSL.

Installation using a catamaran ship or equivalent.

No need of heavy floating cranes, reducing installation costs.


Pumping out water.

Replacement of the water ballast by aggregates: increases hydrostatic stiffness while the draft is maintained.