Needs and Benefits

Installation areas

For some regions, floating platforms are the only solution to produce offshore wind energy. These regions include countries like Portugal, Norway, Spain, Korea, Japan and the USA among others, where there is no continental shelf.

Cost reduction

Three main types are accepted as possible solutions: spar buoys, tension leg platforms (TLP) and barges. These concepts are more competitive solutions for large depths than conventional fixed bottom structures.

Floating platforms are the solution for more cost effective energy production.

Monolithic structure

This new concept of monolithic concrete floating structure for offshore wind turbines is developed with the aim of using low cost materials, optimal construction process and, as much as possible, with increased lifetime and almost free of maintenance.

Easy construction

The use of habitual formworks allow a continuous and simply construction.

No joints

The absence of joints between the floater and the structure allows avoid the transition problems.

Concrete in the marine environment

Nowadays there are a lot of O&G concrete structures in marine environment without problems for years.

Low cost installation

The installation process allows the turbine installation without heavy cranes.

Anchored by moorings

Three moorings anchor the structure to the seabed.

Live-span 50 years

The use of concrete in marine environment allows a large lifespan.