If you are having a look on this section is because of your interest in intervening in some way on the Deployment of offshore floating wind energy. This Deployment is expected to explode during next decade after some prototypes have proved their good performances in pilot tests such as Hywind developed by Statoil and Windfloat developed by Principle Power.

As shown in this website, Windcrete has successfully passed the “Proof of concept” and the next step is the construction and installation of a real scale prototype to be tested in marine environment.

Early stakeholders in this sector will enjoy of two fundamental advantages:

  1. First, most of the development of concepts, design tools and scale experiments is carried out by Universities and research institutes with public financial support; allowing an easy knowledge transference to the industry and with a reasonable cost.
  2. Second, the first prototypes that demonstrate their viability with real prototypes will take advantage of a privileged position in the market when the massive implantation arrives.

The team project is looking for investors interested in being part of the project during this last stage of development or willing to acquire the technology. If you are interested, please, contact us:

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