A recent paper focus in the Construction possibilities for windcrete serial production


The monolithic nature of Windcrete, that sees floater, transition piece and tower as a single concrete structure, has direct impact on its potential construction process. The large-draft spar-buoy, to be fully completed in a coastal facility, requires horizontal transport that prompts construction also to be done horizontally. Then, the constraints to produce Windcrete structures are: large concrete structure built in horizontal position, preferably in a single monolithic pour with high quality standards, and this within reasonable production time if the project is considered at commercial deployment stage. In search for an appropriate solution, proposals will seek inspiration from a variety of engineering fields: mechanized tunnelling practices, far-reaching adaptations of slip-forming, reinforced centrifugal concrete pipe production and even trenchless technologies such as pipe jacking will all serve as a basis to elaborate a series of tailored solutions compatible with the specific requirements of Windcrete.

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