WindCrete in Ocean Engineering Journal

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We are thrilled to announce that a recent paper coauthored by members of the WindCrete team has been published in the prestigious journal, Ocean Engineering. The paper, titled “Experimental Modelling of a Novel Concrete-Based 15-MW Spar Wind Turbine”, represents a … Read More

Excitement About Floating Offshore Wind


When the first floating offshore wind demonstration projects were deployed nearly ten years ago, most observers thought that the technology was intriguing, but the costs and degree of difficulty were both very, very high. At that stage, fixed-bottom offshore was … Read More

US floating wind leaps forward with flagship Pacific deal


Partnership between northern California energy authority RCEA and developer consortium including PPI, EDPR and Aker Solutions aims to switch on 150MW project ‘by 2024’. Read the complete article here. Source:

WindCrete at EERA DeepWind’18 Conference


Windcrete was present at the EERA DeepWind’18 Conference presenting Construction Possibilities for Serial Production of Monolithic Concrete Spar Buoy Platforms. Access to Conference Web page here. Access to presented poster here.

Publication on the


In the December issue of there is a large section regarding offshore wind. An overview on the current offshore market is detailed and the advantages of this renewable resource are listed. Together with the milestones achieved internationally in the … Read More

Expensive, but with much potential


This is how the swiss magazine Tages Anzeiger defines the new Offshore Wind Energy. The concept WindCrete is showed as an alternative to reduce the high costs of the floating platforms, using the concrete as a main structural material. Source … Read More