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In the December issue of there is a large section regarding offshore wind. An overview on the current offshore market is detailed and the advantages of this renewable resource are listed. Together with the milestones achieved internationally in the sector, a paragraph is solely dedicated to Spain where there are none-few investments in the market. A glimmer of hope can be found in the words of Jaume Morron, manager of the Catalan Wind Power Association Eolicat, which recognizes Denmark as the model to follow: “They began with a small windfarm and expanded gradually; they are a good model of how to build a new industry around a new technology such as power generation from wind.”

In the end, the article deals with floating offshore wind turbines and presents Windcrete as an example of this innovative technology. Professor Climent Molins and Josep Rebollo explain the benefits of the concept and discuss what are the main challenges for the project.

The entire article can be found in the following link.