WindCrete at EERA DeepWind’18 Conference


Windcrete was present at the EERA DeepWind’18 Conference presenting Construction Possibilities for Serial Production of Monolithic Concrete Spar Buoy Platforms. Access to Conference Web page here. Access to presented poster here.

Expensive, but with much potential


This is how the swiss magazine Tages Anzeiger defines the new Offshore Wind Energy. The concept WindCrete is showed as an alternative to reduce the high costs of the floating platforms, using the concrete as a main structural material. Source … Read More

With floating platforms, offshore wind cost set to plunge


Floating wind turbines offer huge falls in the cost of offshore wind power and could be generating power in UK waters at well under the cost of new nuclear by 2020, provided adequate support. Source:    

Concrete Floating Turbine Economizes Wind Power


Under the guidelines of AFOSP, Climent Molins and Alexis Campos of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, present Windcrete, a floating cylindrical base that has a concrete, rather than steel, structure. They claim … Read More