Our partner InnoEnergy and BVG associates have delivered a promising report about the future of offshore wind.


During the WindEurope Summit event that took place in Hamburg the previous September InnoEnergy and BVG Associates launched a joint report on the promising future of the offshore wind resource.

In the report six areas regarding the entire implementation of offshore wind farms have been analysed in detail, from the design of the nacelle and rotor, to the control systems, apparently there is great potential for innovation.

The document aims at highlighting the opportunities that can reduce the Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE) and more than 50 technology innovations have been identified as having the potential to dramatically reduce the index.

Here at Windcrete we are pleased to quote what Emilien Simont, Renewable Technology Officer at InnoEnergy said during the presentation: “The findings of this report are extremely positive and we are looking forward to working with the offshore wind innovations of the future to drive them to commercial success and reduce the LCOE.”

The full report is available here.